Lot 0246
M-1929 German experimental Weyersberg Kirschbaum sword
Estimate: 3000-3500€

M-1929 German experimental Weyersberg Kirschbaum sword. A very rare sword, that can be a central piece of any German XX century sword collection. A trial model sword by WuK company, that was accepted in to Weimar republic army trial in 1929, but the project was discontinued following by the WuK becoming bankrupt. Only a handful was made. The design is unique for German swords incorporating some features from Russian and Italian models. Very heavy blade. Clear Weimar period acceptance markings on many parts. Very well-done and unique piece.Total length: 100 cm. Blade length: 82cm. length: Blade width: 3 cm.

Starting price: 2500€
Estimate: 3000-3500€

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