Lot 0236
A Russian Cavalry officer’s “Golden weapon”
Estimate: 10000-12000€

A Russian Cavalry officer’s “Golden weapon”.
A unique sword using Zlatoust-made blade. Possibly belonged to a Polish-national officer. Made in or after 1858 as a custom order. The sword is similar to the cavalry model 1827 officer sword, made lighter by making the grip with no additional bars and with the smallsword-like carrying system with hook instead of the rings to serve as a walking-out and not a heavy combat weapon. As many custom-ordered swords this one is not strictly following standard patterns. The blade is engraved with a very peculiar battle scene with cavalrymen in Uhlan uniforms fighting against exotic-looking mounted troops. It is possible that the engravings are dedicated to the deed for which the owner had been awarded the right to bear the “Golden weapon”. There is no inscription “For bravery” on the sword, so, it is possible that it belonged to a doctor or the government official that served in the Uhlan regiment, or the owner did not want to make the inscription. There are some similar model 1827 officer swords with no additional bard on the handle existing that belonged to Polish nationality officers, the most famous is the sword of General Jozef Dwernicki..Blade width: 2.7 cm.

Starting price: 8000€
Estimate: 10000-12000€

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