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Exceptional Rare Bronze Figure “LE SOMMELIER” by Emile Picault
Estimate: 3500-5000€

Exceptional Rare Bronze Figure “LE SOMMELIER” by Emile Picault.
Émile Louis Picault (24 August 1833 – 1915) was a French sculptor, best known for works depicting allegorical and patriotic subjects, and mythological heroes. Picault was a very prolific artist, producing sculptures in abundance—over 500 models in total—during his long sculpting career. He began to show his artwork at the Salon beginning in 1863.[1] He signed the majority of his work as “E. Picault”.
Dimensions: 70 cm. Height.
Picault’s work can be seen in museums in the following cities:
Chambéry (Le Semeur d’idées, 45 cm)
Clermont-Ferrand (Hébé, 93 cm)
Maubeuge (Le devoir, Honor patria, 45 cm)
Troyes (La famille, joies et peines)

Starting price: 3500€
Estimate: 3500-5000€

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