Lot 0059
A Russian silver and cut-crystal vase with a Capercaillie bird
Estimate: 10000-15000€

A Rare Russian cast silver and cut-crystal vase with a Capercaillie bird. Maker’s mark of leading Faberge firm sculptor Marian Sokolovskiy. Moscow, 1908-1917. For additional information about M.Sokolovskiy follow: T.Muntian and M.Revyakin “Fedor Rukert and Karl Faberge”. Marian Sokolovsky was employed by Faberge before starting working independently. In his memoirs, Franz Birbaum included Sokolovsky in his list of artists who worked for the Moscow branch of the firm. During working for Faberge,Sokolovsky created a number of figural silver pieces in the pan-slavic style, including large kovshes and bratinas, noted for their skilful execution. (T.Muntian, Feodor Ruckert & Carl Faberge, Moscow,pp.95-98). Moscow, 2016. Diameter: 23 cm.

Starting price: 8000€
Estimate: 10000-15000€

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